Party Recruitment: Join IFA HONOR FANS PARTY in Berlin, Win HONOR Smartphone and More!

Dear HONOR fans,**

Excited to announce that HONOR will join IFA 2022 from Sep 2 to Sep 6 in Berlin! IFA is the world’s most significant technology marketplace where you can have a comprehensive overview of the latest products and innovations in the international market. And we plan to hold an offline Fans Party in Berlin from Sep 2 to Sep 3, which gives you an opportunity to attend IFA event, communicate with HONOR official team and other fans, and receive the exquisite gifts!


**We will invite 1 fan from** r/HONOR **subreddit to attend this party from Sep 2 to Sep 3, and we will provide the IFA tickets and pay for the traffic expense and hotel. NOW, join the discussion by hitting the comment zone, and seize the opportunity to win this tour and More!**




| Fans Party Tour Award (x1) | IFA Fans Party Tour |


| Mystery Award (x1) | New Mystery Smartphone |

| Top-Comment Award (x1) | HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro |

| Additional Award (x1) | New Mystery Pad |


Remark: The memory and colors of the above products are random.


**How to participate?**


**Step #1:** Join r/HONOR.


**Step #2:** Leave your comments under this post including your countries, ability introduction, IFA content plan, representative work links (optional), etc.


**Valid Comment Example:**


\-Country: Germany


\-Ability Introduction: I’m good at shooting videos and doing product review.


\-IFA Content Plan: I plan to make a video to introduce my IFA tour and make some review videos of HONOR devices. And I plan to share them on Reddit and YouTube.


\-Representative Work Links (optional): Such like YouTube videos.


**Recruitment requests:**


* The Comment should contain your country, ability introduction and your IFA content plan, and your representative work links are prioritized but optional. The ability could be writing ability, product review ability, photography ability, video ability, etc. The content plan could include articles/videos of IFA experiences, product onsite review, IFA AMA on Reddit, IFA photography works, etc. The representative work links could be YouTube videos, Quora answers, Reddit posts, photography works and so on.

* The comments must be the “First-level comment”, which means it will be invalid if you comment below other people’s comments.

* The comments should be more than 30 words.

* Each participant can only leave up to 1 comment.

* The participants who are Tech Lovers, willing to provide feedback for the brand and have Passion for HONOR devices will be prioritized.


**Winner Selection Criteria:**


* \[Fans Party Tour Award\]: We will select 1 user to be invited to IFA Fans Party in Berlin according to their passion for tech, content ability, IFA content plan, etc. And we will provide the IFA tickets for free, and reimburse the expenses of traffic and hotel.

* \[Mystery Award\]: We will randomly select 1 user to win the awards by using the tool of [redditraffler](

* \[Top-Comment Award\]: We will choose 1 user whose comment gets the top one upvotes at the end of this activity to win this prize.

* \[Additional Award\]: If the total followers in r/HONOR reaches 14k at the end of this activity, we will add an additional Award to be randomly selected by the tool of [redditraffler]( According to the order, from left to right, the 1st winner will win the \[Mystery Award\] and the 2nd winners will win the \[Additional Award\].


**Activity Period:** July 29, 2022 – 18:00 PM, August 10, 2022 (UTC+8)


**Winner Announcement:**


We will announce the results through a sticky post in r/HONOR within a week after the activity is closed. And we will use the moderator account of u/HonorSmartphone to reach out to the winners.


**Notice: All Participants shall be deemed as having agreed to the following:** [Terms and Conditions](


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