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Welcome at website.
On you will be kept informed when new HONOR devices are presented.
But also when updates are available and there is news for the various HONOR devices. is maintained by HONOR fans who volunteer, without any income and gifts, to keep this website up to date.
This website uses affiliate links to reduce the costs of this website.

We have a HONOR history that started back in 2015. We made some another websites and but they will be now all redirect to

In 2015 we started as HONOR ambassadors. And done a lot for customers and HONOR. In that time only for HONOR the Netherlands. We did get invited by HONOR at many events in Europe. (London, Paris, Germany etc.) we still thanks HONOR for the great times!

Afther the HONOR 20 series it’s been a hard time for HONOR at the wings off Huawei with no Google support.

But now (2021) HONOR is separated from Huawei a new period will begin! HONOR has got his license with Google back.

We will keep you informed with all the HONOR news and reviews!

#forthebrave #HonorMyWorld #ForTheHonorFan
Honor believes the world would be a better place if we all found and cherished our own best powers. Be brave and bring that hidden talent or sincere passion to its full potential.

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