Honor work on 5g smartphones with Qualcomm chipset

Huawei sold its Honor brand in an effort to save the company and the employees of the subsidiary. The now independent company is no longer bothered by US sanctions, meaning it could get back on track to launch smartphones with US technologies inside.


According to insiders from China, this is exactly what is happening right now – Honor is working with Qualcomm to develop a 5G smartphone. We should not expect anything from this in the coming weeks. It is still unclear which models this would be and information about this is still lacking. It had also been clear for some time that Honor would like to pick up the thread with Qualcomm again. So the news certainly comes as no surprise.

Honor V40

While we don’t have any information on what phone it is or what chipset will be used in the device, we’re pretty sure it’s not the Honor V40 series. This smartphone will be officially launched in two weeks with a Dimensity 1000+ SoC. So unfortunately it was too short a day to also equip this top model with a powerful Qualcomm chipset. 

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